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hot pepper custom hole punch
Hot Pepper Custom Hole Punch
Hot Pepper Custom Hole Punch

Hot Pepper Custom Hole Punch

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The Hot Pepper You Can't Get In A Store. 

We understand that you don't want to lose money on your loyalty card program. When you use an inexpensive common paper hole punch there are cheaters out there that will go to the same store you went and punch their reward cards. 

It's Not Fair

Your loyal customers that you are trying to reward are being punished by a few bad apples and you are losing a fortune. That's not right!

What you can do About It

Buy this Hot Pepper Punch that is uniquely Made in the USA by hand and not sold in any retail store. This is not a flimsy craft punch... it is manufactured in our machine shop and machined to high tolerance to be a tool that will last for years to come. 

Perfect for loyalty card reward programs and can easily handle a high volume of loyalty cards, tickets, inspection cards, or whatever light card stock you need your mark on. 

This punch features a hardened steel die, large punching visibility, and a polished finish. 

Your Customers Will Love You

Those cheaters won't be gaming your loyalty program because you have a custom hole puncher that is different from the rest.  GOOD RIDDANCE!  The best part is you can keep on rewarding your "Awesome" customers with confidence.


  • Ships World-Wide contact us for international shipping details.
  • Delivery time is 3-4 weeks because this punch is made to order in our machine shop.
  • Weight is 1.1 lbs
  • Reach is 1-3/16"
  • Size of hole made by punch up to 3/16" square
  • For use on up to 12 mil plastic cards and light card stock